What’s this all about then?

This is an attempt to collate evidence on the human condition of insanity.

It’s also an attempt to pile as much pressure on myself to ensure I get to the start line of my first marathon, the Virgin Money London Marathon, on 26 April 2020. The mad ravings of a Virginer, if you like.

I’m treating my approach to training in the same way I gave up smoking: I’m telling absoluately everyone, as quickly as possible, in the vain hope that my fear of public shaming is greater than my fear of failure.

Time, apparently, will tell.

So, that’s why I’m here.

I’m not sure why you’re here, though. Got lost looking for an overacted yet joyously uplifting musical?

Bad luck. There will be nothing joyous or uplifting about this blog, or the ‘journey’ to the start line.

Nor will this be a weekly thing. Frankly, I have more joyous things to be doing. Such as working full time.

But I’ll capture stuff when I can, share the randomness of my mind and the miserableness of training as I go. Feel free to share the pain.

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