The miserable world of mules and bandits

It seems that when training for a marathon, in addition to navigating the running community’s over-enthusiasm for a) running; and b) acronyms; one must also sacrifice every aspect of time previously regarded to as ‘free’.  Take the weekend, for example.  Long held sacrosanct in my world, where free time involved a sofa, copious amounts ofContinue reading “The miserable world of mules and bandits”

Why wasn’t it Glastonbury?

I don’t win things. Raffles. Silent auctions. Loud auctions, even. Lottery tickets. Scratch cards. Festival tickets. Glastonbury? Yeah right. I’m just not a winner. I don’t have luck on my side. I am – in all fairness – smothered with good fortune in every other aspect of my life. But winning at some sort ofContinue reading “Why wasn’t it Glastonbury?”