The miserable world of mules and bandits

It seems that when training for a marathon, in addition to navigating the running community’s over-enthusiasm for a) running; and b) acronyms; one must also sacrifice every aspect of time previously regarded to as ‘free’.  Take the weekend, for example.  Long held sacrosanct in my world, where free time involved a sofa, copious amounts ofContinue reading “The miserable world of mules and bandits”

Why wasn’t it Glastonbury?

I don’t win things. Raffles. Silent auctions. Loud auctions, even. Lottery tickets. Scratch cards. Festival tickets. Glastonbury? Yeah right. I’m just not a winner. I don’t have luck on my side. I am – in all fairness – smothered with good fortune in every other aspect of my life. But winning at some sort ofContinue reading “Why wasn’t it Glastonbury?”

What’s this all about then?

This is an attempt to collate evidence on the human condition of insanity. It’s also an attempt to pile as much pressure on myself to ensure I get to the start line of my first marathon, the Virgin Money London Marathon, on 26 April 2020. The mad ravings of a Virginer, if you like. I’mContinue reading “What’s this all about then?”